Past Week's Favorites

from April 12, 2014 to April 19, 2014

  1. Running

    By Flora Cramp Last Boxing day, when I was too full to do a jigsaw or argue with my dad, I sat in the chair near the cat litter tray with a bottle of sherry, and stared at the wall for six or seven…

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  2. Using Find_or_create With Multiple Attributes

    One of my favorite Active Record features is the so-called magic finder find_or_create_by. It’s one of those truly pragmatic conveniences that Rails offers to help developers do more faster.…

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  3. Ultralight Sleep Beyond The Bag: The Brooks-Range Cloak 45

    By Steve Graepel Packing for ultra-light adventure is like solving a puzzle — carry too little and you flirt with epic failure; carry too much and you get in your own way. But when push comes…

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  4. Bootstrapping Series #6 - what if I'm a "nobody"? Who's going to buy from me?

    You got this email because you just signed up to get the 7 part bootstrapping guide from Amy and Alex. This is part 6 of're in the home stretch! But if you don't want to get these emails, no…

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  5. Memories of Steve

    A version of this article about Steve Jobs first appeared in The Loop Magazine on his birthday during February of this year. Jim Dalrymple edited the original down in size and split it into two parts…

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  6. A New Era of Application Services at Puppet Labs

    Recently at Puppet Labs, we’ve been putting a lot of thought into how to make our server-side applications faster, smarter, and more modular. Today, we’re excited to give you a sneak…

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  7. Dead Rising 3 Review

    Yeah, it's still Dead Rising.Dead Rising 3 walks a fine line between thoughtfully streamlining the flow of its predecessors' weird mission structure, and stripping out too much of the quirkiness that…

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  8. Yeah, Like You Can't Afford Another Twenty Bucks For Amazon Prime?

    If you’re the type who spends $79/year for unlimited free two-day shipping from Amazon, then you’re more than financially capable of doling out an extra twenty bucks. Buy one less overpriced…

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  9. Building blocks: how Project Ara is reinventing the smartphone

    In a spare, drab office park in Sunnyvale, California, a bunch of two-by-fours and foamboard have been nailed together into a makeshift model of a shipping container. Inside, a bare, unlit Edison…

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  10. The iPhone is Apple Doubling-Down On What It Does Best

    After endless dithering, that’s how long it took me to know the iPhone 5C would cost $549. It was at two minutes, fifty-six seconds1 that Tim Cook said there would be a video – a video!…

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