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from August 27, 2014 to September 03, 2014

  1. A newbie’s guide to why so many people are watching Twitch

    When I talk to people who don't follow gaming closely about the phenomenon that is Twitch, the response I get is usually along the lines of "Why do people spend so much time watching other people…

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  2. Using Excel As An API Datasource And An API Client For The Masses

    I’ve been tracking on the usage of spreadsheets in conjunction with APIs for several years now. Spreadsheets are everywhere, they are the number one data management tool in the world, and…

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  3. Building automatic login tokens for emails with Rails and Devise

    When you build out your product, it’s important to listen to your what your users are telling you. But it’s more important to read between the lines to discover what the underlying…

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  4. 2N BLOG

    How to validate email address? The simple way is to use some regular expression and validate email format, but that doesn't do the most important thing - validate domain and check if that email is…

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  5. TED Reveals Top 20 Most-Watched Talks, Sir Ken Robinson Tops The List

    Warning: Clicking through to see the top 20 most watched TEDTalks is akin to finding a new show on Netflix. It will kill your day. If you must (and you really do) see the top 20 talks in…

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  6. Logic+Emotion

    Several weeks ago I drafted a post articulating the need for the Public Relations industry to re-invent itself. That still needs to happen—and there's a lot of work to do. What I…

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  7. The Future Programming Manifesto

    It’s time to reformulate the principles guiding my work. Inessential complexity is the root of all evil Most of the problems of software arise because it is too complicated for humans to…

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  8. The Strange Tale of the North Pond Hermit

    Photo: Andy Molloy/ Kennebec Journal/ AP Photo The hermit set out of camp at midnight, carrying his backpack and his bag of break-in tools, and threaded through the forest, rock to root to rock,…

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  9. The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain

    Updated April 7, 2014: added Step 8 to the list. I worked on the Genius Bar for almost two years, and the most difficult issue to solve was short battery life. It was extremely difficult to pinpoint…

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  10. Danny Welbeck Is a Massive Transfer Gamble for Arsene Wenger

    Mike Hewitt/Getty Images Arsene

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